Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We are packing a preparing for our mini family vacation to Longview, Tx. We leave tomorrow. We are going to visit our old church that we attended for 2 years and visit some friends from the area! Friday night we have a specialty show and then a double show on Saturday! We are bringing 6; would have been more, but we sold some!

We are hoping Grizzly will finally grand. This poor boy has more 2nd and 3rd place that any rabbit I know! The judge that is judging the specialty night is one that really liked Griz and gave him best opposite variety (under Muffin!) So there is a shot!

We are taking Ivory and she turns senior TODAY! So we are hoping she will get a senior leg. One ofthe judges at the Saturday show gave her best opposite breed at a little over 3 months old. Said he had never place a REW higher than 5th in class. So that is hopeful. She has a scratch on her ear from her escapades the other day (all of the rabbits were out because a child left the door open over night!)

We have a new doe that just turned Senior. Her name is Hartman's Solo, she is Grizzly's daughter. She is so cute and I hope she does well.

Then we have our juniors. If Blue Cheese makes weight (last weight a coupld of days ago was 1#15 oz), I think he will do ok, but he is full on in his uglies! Long ears and small head. I know it will come back and he still has a short body and great bone, but lets see how he does without that head!

Pixie is also in her uglies. She has an amazing body though! It is super short. Her ears are long right now and small head. Cant wait until they are past this! Pixie will probably not be coming home with us. We may be trading her for another REW.

Then we have TIKI, she also has a short little body, but she has a little longer ears and smaller head. Hope she grows into them (Ivory did too and grew into them!) Her bone is a little finer, but she has that nice short body and good markings. This will be her first show!

Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30

Our babies are getting so big! I really like how Cheese is turning out. He is the little blue tort buck out of Grizzly and Muffin. We have some new pictures of him on the site. The others are great too, the little doe has a super short body!

We have several does bred and due in a couple of weeks. Jaylene is due the 4th. We have several due the 14th and several the 18th! We are working on getting some nice older juniors for Convention this fall!

In other news we will be picking up 4 new does from Hartman's Hutches in Ohio later this month! I love Mandy's rabbits and we are thrilled to add these ladies to our herd! We will get pictures up as soon as possible!

Next show is the East Texas show. I am looking forward to visiting Longview. We are going to make it a little family vacation. We lived in Jacksonville for 2 years, so we plan to look around Tyler and Jacksonville and possible connect with some of our friends from 10 years ago! Wow, has it really been that long!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Been a while since I have posted. Leah is still not able to post on here yet, but we are working on the reading and writing English so she can! We have 5 little kits running around the colony right now. They are adorable. They are my favorite age, 3-4 weeks. They are so sweet and funny at this age!

Everyone is bred and due starting the 5th of May. SH's Jaylene is the first due. She lost her entire last litter, so I am hoping this is better. I am not sure if they were all peanuts, or preemie, they were tiny.

We are going to the BUOY rabbit show in Haskell this weekend. We are bringing Ivory and Grizzly. Maybe this one will grand him. He has two legs and always seems to get 2nd! Our juniors are still to small and our does are bred, so looks like that is gonna be it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Waiting for Sundae

Our next litter due is from Mossypossum Bunny Sundae. I am excited, she is the dam to my favorite little homegrown sable point, Teddy. She is an awesome mom and does a great job raising her kits. She is not due until Friday, but she has been pulling fur and running around with a big bunch of hay in her mouth. She goes out into the run, checks out the nest box in the new addition, then goes back into the run, then goes into the original coop and to the nest she always uses and puts the hay back in it. Then she does the whole thing again. I am pretty sure she took this breeding. Maybe we will get more babies soon!

Muffin's kits are getting more fur. We lost a runt yesterday, even with extra feedings, it just did not seem to eat right. I am wondering if it was a peanut. It had very small pinched hind quarters, but the ears and face looked normal. There is one peanut left, I expect he will be gone this morning when I go check on them. They are 5 days old, I am surprised it has made it this long. There are 4 fat little kits left. Two torts and one really dark tort, I think it will look like Grizzly, and then there is one little sable point. I hope it is a doe, though if it is a buck, we may keep it anyway, if it looks good.

We have the Skiatook show coming up this Saturday, we are only taking Grizzly and Ivory. All the other girls are pg. We are bringing Teddy to trade for a broken sable point doe. I can bring one carrier! It is going to be a long day, the show is a triple and the specialty is after the end of both of the first shows. There will be a lot of waiting around for us, being we are only showing two rabbits! Lots of fun fellowship!

Deena (Leah's mom)

New Blog and Shows!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 12:03 PM

Welcome to our new site. I plan to use this blog to update the shows we attend and how our buns did at the shows. For new litters or breedings, check out the nursery page or the photo gallery. Our calendar also has due dates and birthdates of all our litters starting in March.

Here are the past shows and how we did. Our next show is in Skiatook, Ok and is this coming Saturday

Royse City, Tx
OKHLSC 2-17-12

Grizzly took 11 of 15

Sundae got 4 of 6

Show A 2-18-12

Grizzly got 4 out of 19

Sundae 7 of 7?

Show B 2-18-12

Grizzly 2 of 18

Sundae 4 of 6?

Anderson, Mo


Show A

Muffin got Best of Variety , 1st out of 12 in Solid Senior Doe

Grizzly got Best Opposite Sex Variety , 1st of 14 in Solid Senior Buck

Show B

Grizzly got 1st of 11 in Solid Senior Buck

Muffin got 3rd of 9 in Solid Senior Doe

Gardner, Ks


Show A
Hester got BOSV
Muffin got 4 out of 11
Show B
Muffin got 2 of 7

Duncan, Ok

Show A
Ivory got BOSB
Grizzly got 2 of 31
Muffin got 4 out of 14

Show B
Muffin got 2 of 14
Ivory got 2 of 14
Hester got 7 of 15